Web Cargo Nets

Web Cargo Nets are made to order, any size, any shape. Web Cargo Nets can be made with either poly pro rope or nylon webbing.

Poly pro rope nets are made with 3/4″ mesh rope, have 1″ border and brackets, and are made up of 8″x8″ openings.

Nylon webbing nets are made with 3/4″ slotted nylon web, have 1″ poly pro rope beckets or pear shape links in corners. Nylon webbing cargo nets are lightweight, flexible, and more compact when compared to rope nets. Nylon webbing nets have 6″x6″ openings.


web cargo nets in louisiana
Wheel Nets

Wheel Nets are used in pairs to handle vehicles of various sizes and weights. Standard models are offered Wheel Nets, but in many instances Wheel Nets are designed and fabricated to meet specific application requirements. Our design criterion dictates that a single net be capable of supporting 75% of the total load. Wheel Net Work Load Limits are based on the use of two nets. Wheel Nets must be large enough to encapsulate more than 50% of tire diameter without damage from wheel well, chassis or body protrusions.

wheel nets for tires, cargo nets for cars
Custom Nets

Arabi Slings can fabricate any net to any specification. Some examples include:

  • Scramble Nets
  • Container Nets
  • Ferry Barrier Nets
  • Gangway Nets
custom cargo nets, Scramble Nets, Container Nets, Ferry Barrier Nets, Gangway Nets

Safety is the paramount consideration involved in the use of any sling. The appropriate sling shall be selected for the specific lift. Users of roundslings shall have knowledge and training on the proper method of lifting item(s) and how to adjust rigging methods as lifting situations change. Can fail if damaged, misused or overloaded. Use by untrained personals hazardous. OBSERVE AND DO NOT EXCEED WORK LOAD LIMITS. DEATH and INJURY can occur from improper use.