1972 – Present


Arabi Sling and Rigging was born out of the age old dream that everyone who loves America shares: If you work very hard, provide top quality products and impeccable service and treat every customer with honesty, respect and a friendly smile, you will be a great success.
That is why the name, Louis Flores, Jr. is synonymous with success today. Founded in 1972 by Louis Flores, Jr. and built by his tireless efforts and those of his wife, and their four children. Arabi Sling and Rigging quickly grew to be a leader among their peers.
Like all genuine success stories, Louis Flores, Jr. began his dream with humble beginnings working in the tiny backyard garage of his home after a long day’s work at his day job.With Mr. Flores’ hard work, determined effort and loyal support from wife, and their children, Arabi Sling and Rigging quickly grew and earned their distinguished reputation for top-notched quality products, outstanding friendly service, and unending loyalty to and appreciation of their customers.

Success breeds success, and by 1978, Arabi Sling and Rigging, had outgrown their backyard garage. After a short stint in a bigger place then the backyard garage, Arabi Sling and Rigging then moved to 6609 North Robertson Street in Arabi. By 1985, further expansion of Arabi Sling and Rigging took place and another building was added to the existing structure to better service the needs of their ever expanding customer base. Which is our current location at 1504 Mehle Avenue, Arabi, Louisiana.

Following the death of Louis Flores, Jr. in 2001, his wife, and their children assumed operation of Arabi Sling and Rigging. Despite the challenges of ever changing business cycles Arabi Sling and Rigging and the Flores family remained true to the values and principles instilled by their founder, Louis Flores, Jr. – those of hard work, determination, faith in God, and personal responsibility, perseverance and a cheerful heart – and it is those undying principles that will keep Arabi Sling and Rigging strong in years to come. The American Dream of success and prosperity through hard work, honesty, and impeccable service still exists, and this good news for everyone doing business with Arabi Sling and Rigging now and for those in the future. As we start with the 3rd generation of Arabi Sling and Rigging we are still looking to grow and produce a great product just like our Paw-Paw. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.